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Step 1 - design of value proposition

White Space

Creating Value

A design thinking workshop to discover the alignment of owners skills with a value that he can deliver to customers in the white space. We use tools of design research to map customer behavior around a product or service and identify white spaces in customer needs that are not being addressed by existing commoditized products.

A product - market fit by design

customer journey mapping | empathy mapping | HMW statements

Step 2 - design of product, service or platform

Based on the white space identified, our design team then gets to work to design the product, platform or service that will be your business niche!

ideation | design | minimum viable prototypes | final product design

  • Add on 3 updates as per user experience feedback

Systems Space

Capturing Value

An opportunity for innovation in revenue generation & resource optimisation.

Level 1 - design of revenue model

A design thinking workshop to establish your costs and how people are willing to pay. Exploring various ways in which revenue model can be used to enhance the value proposition

customer journey mapping | value & cost comparison exercise.

Level 2 - design of resources flow

A design thinking workshop to map all resources exchanged in the delivery of your product or service leading to an exploration of opportunities to apply innovative ways to capture value at every junction and optimise the internal processes.

resource flow mapping | value appreciation.

Level 3 - design of touchpoint experience

A design thinking workshop to map all touchpoints of engagement with your customer.  We then focus on designing the touchpoint experience so that value is captured in every engagement

 stakeholder mapping | network appreciation | business process design

Launch Space

Delivering Value

Sales funnels design

level 1 - design of sales funnels and channels

A design thinking workshop to strategize your sales channels and create funnels based on target audience.

workshop | market segmentation exercise | funnels design

level 2 - Branding & messaging

Our Expert brand consultants will create a unique branding experience for you and establish brand messaging pillars for communication and messaging of the brand.

workshop | branding narrative | brand design

level 3 - Packaging, launch, engagement design

Our Marketing partners create a performance based launch with measurable engagement patterns that leads to better design and upgrades

workshop | campaign design | running campaigns

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