Natura is a leading supplier of natural soaps. They wanted to uplift their brand language and re-think their packaging to express the value of their work.
We decided to study the market and then shape the brand according to
the needs of communication.

Market Study and



Indian per captia consumption of soap is at 460 Gms per annum, while in Brazil it is at 1,100 grams per annum. Means the potential is high. 5 million retail stores for soaps, 3.75 milion in rural areas, 50% of the market.

Re-Branding the Logo
and Packaging

We also worked on the logo and colour palette. The logo to make it more minimal and iconic. The colours followed the naturistic tones - green and brown.
Since there is a wide range of products, each type was alloted a colour that matched with characteristics and graphics.


The idea was to keep the design minimal with the each colour being representative of the characteristic of the soap. The brown paper packaging was a conscious move to keep away from plastic covers for soap. Since the print was screen-pinted, the colour variations per package were limited to 3. Black and white being the basic contrasting palette along with one brand colour for each soap.

They have 11 different kinds of flavour. We studied and analyzed each and every one of them in flavor, properties and aesthetics. And arrived at a moodboard for each of them. This set tone for the catalogue branding,


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