Sunlit future is a organization that works with solar energy. They design and produce small and large scale solar systems as well as consult on solar related projects. For an upcoming exhibition, they wanted the stall to be communicated in a way to appeal their potential partners through their work expanse and design.

Exhibition Stall




We began by studying the space and organizing how and where the information will be displayed. Our idea was to use the Brand colour as highlights and bring warmth and texture to the space by adding corrugated sheets. Their main focus was the invertors. So we dedicated one entire side with a false wall to showcase the mock invertors neatly.

Final Designs



The panel design emerged from the characteristics of the company.

Sunlit is known to have a very neat solar system assembly. So we chose to use

the connecting wires as our graphic theme and the size of the board almost representing a smaller version of the panel. The brand colors

are used to highlight the information with a b/w base.

Standee Design

2 - Fold Brochure Design

Sunlit wanted their brochure to highlight the solar installations implemented at various geographies 

visually. So we chose to design the brochure folding such that the picture would largely design the

brochure itself. The front and back had two large pictures of solar installation sites that covers the two

folds. The third fold was dedicated to the information which was minimally so we shrunk the fold size

giving rise to this unique piece of design.


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